Inspired by Life

OPI Kollektion

OPI ist ein vielseitiges Einrichtungssystem mit zeitgenössischem Geist. Dank seiner Vielfalt an Formen, Größen, Farben und Materia- lien bietet es unendliche Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten. Mit seiner Wesentlichkeit in Hinblick auf Material und Farben stattet OPI Bäder jeglicher Größe aus und wird dadurch ein unersetzliches Instrument in der Hand des Architekten der damit immer neue Umgebungen er- schaffen und seiner Kreativität freien Lauf lassen kann....

T-Edge Kollektion

Following the excellent market acceptance, Globo has added more combinations and models to its T-Edge Collection, designed by CreativeLab+ for Globo.

The real highlight of the T-Edge collection, available in the 14 Bagno di Colore ceramic shades, are the super slim edges – 6 mm thick – made possible by the patented GLOBOTHIN® ceramic mixture, which guarantees reduced thickness along with greater strength and shine.

Improves the efficiency of discharges at 4 / 2.6 liters

Not only design: thanks to a study work and a research lasting months, Ceramica Globo has made technical modifications to the WC, optimizing the size and shape of the siphon duct, for better discharge efficiency. Thanks to the matching crates, the Globo WCs use only 4 / 2.6 liters of water.


A new and exclusive ceramic mix to bring the edges of the washbasins to just 6 mm thick, keeping the stability and the geometries unchanged.

Multi 2.0

For the replacement of wall-hung sanitary fixtures and floor-mounted wall-spaced sanitary fixtures.

No masonry work.